Contents IJPAM: Volume 120, No. 7 (2018)

Table of Contents

Authors Title of the Paper Link
M.Mohammed Abdul Khayyoom and P.Arul Paul Sudhahar Edge Detour Monophonic Domination Number of a Graph 1.pdf
K. Sathya and R. Sophia Porchelvi An Alternative Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Method for Ranking the Best Renewable Energy Project in India 2.pdf
P.Sumathi and R.Esther Felicia Enresdowed Graphs – I 3.pdf
Jude Annie Cynthia and Ramya The Local Metric Dimension of Torus Network 4.pdf
V.Jude Annie Cynthia and E. Padmavathy Signed Product Cordial Labeling of Comb Related Architectures 5.pdf
Jeyakokila S.P. and Sumathi P. On so Shear Energy of some trees of diameter 4 - Part II 6.pdf
V.Jude Annie Cynthia and P.R.Sravya Certain Magic Labeling of Circulant Graph 7.pdf
R.Stella Maragatham and S.Peninal Dhanamani Relative Character Graphs and their Fuzzifications 8.pdf
Meena Parvathy Sankar, N.G. David On Generative Power of Hyperedge Replacement String Graph P System 9.pdf
A.Benevatho Jaison, Sk.Khadar Babu, V.Chandrasekar Oscillation theorems for generalized second-order nonlinear delay a-difference equations 10.pdf
Arul Roselet Meryline S and Felbin C. Kennedy A Study of Measure on Soft Real Sets 11.pdf
K. Meenakshi and Felbin C. Kennedy Markov Fuzzy Martingales 12.pdf
Judith Kiruba. R, Sundararajan. M Algorithm for Air Quality Dispersion and its Application for Assessment of Environmental Impact in Coal Mining Activities 13.pdf
L. Mariapresenti, I. Arockiarani A New Approach of Interval Valued Vague Set in Plants 14.pdf
Abhilash Unnikrishnan and Muthulakshmi S Internet of Things and Applications: A Critical Review 15.pdf
Shahul Hameed A and Berlin Hency V A Literature Review on Routing Methods for Wireless Sensor Networks 16.pdf
P.Chandana Priya and R.Menaka Analysis of Electromygraphy (EMG) based gait event detection for Cerebral Palsy(CP) children 17.pdf
T.Kavya and  R.Menaka Fpga Implementation for Fast Image Processing Algorithm 18.pdf
Srivarshini S and JayaVignesh Thyagarajan Survey of routing protocols for low power and lossy networks (LLN) 19.pdf
Sreenath Thangarajan and Reena Monica CNTFETS and Reconfigurable Gate Arrays: A Review 20.pdf