Contents IJPAM: Volume 120, No. 7 (2018)

Table of Contents – Volume 1


Title of the Paper Link
M.G.Fajlul Kareem, P.S.Sehik Uduman The Numerical Solution of Chen-Non Linear Tumor Model by two different Transform Methods 1.pdf
S. Sunil Varma and Thomas Rosy Radius Problem for Certain Combination of Analytic Functions 2.pdf
P. Arul Paul Sudhahar and M.Little Flower The Total Restrained Monophonic Domination Number of a Graph 3.pdf
V. Nithya Vani, R. Stella Maragatham and K.G. Subramanian Prouhet Array Morphism and Parikh Matrices of Arrays 4.pdf
P. Sumathi and A. Rathi Quotient Labeling of Some Special Graphs - II 5.pdf
Jessie Abraham Optimal Layout of Embedding Locally Twisted Cubes into Certain Trees 6.pdf
A. Parthiban and N. Gnanamalar David Prime Distance Labeling of Some Path Related Graphs 7.pdf
V. Jude Annie Cynthia and Fancy V.F. Local Metric Dimension of Certain Networks 8.pdf
Jude Annie Cynthia and P. Poorani Cube Difference Labeling of some Interconnection Networks 9.pdf
Amalore Arumica and Felbin C. Kennedy Role of Octagonal Fuzzy Numbers in Time-Cost Trade-Off Problem 10.pdf
J. Jeba Jesintha and R. Jaya Glory Disjoint Union of a Cycle and a Caterpillar is Odd Graceful 11.pdf
V.Srimanju, Sk.Khadar Babu, V.Chandrasekar Oscillatory criteria for generalized second-order quasi-linear neutral delay a-difference equations 12.pdf
V. Jude Annie Cynthia and S. Sindiya Therese Path Packing of Certain Class of Cyclic Split Graphs 13.pdf
Joice Punitha M. and S. Rajakumari Skew Chromatic Index of Certain Tree Derived Networks 14.pdf
Dhanalakshmi V and Felbin C Kennedy Octagonal Fuzzy Bonferroni Mean Operator and its Application to Decision Making 15.pdf
S.Jackson and S.Pious Missier Applications of Soft JP Closed Sets 16.pdf
S. Cicily Flora and I. Arockiarani Cotangent Similarity Measures of Vague Multi Sets 17.pdf
A. Sadiquali and P.Arul Paul Sudhahar Upper Monophonic Domination Number of a Graph 18.pdf
T. Nagaiah, L. Bhaskar  and T. Srinivas T-Fuzzy Ideals of Partially Ordered Near-Rings 19.pdf
Rosy Joseph A Study of Sub-Distributive Semirings 20.pdf