Recent Research in Science


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Guest Editors

M. Rajesh, Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering KRS College of Engineering India.

Dr. V. Kannan, Managing director, Arinna PublicationNo 51, Nehru Street, Opp Corporation Bank Atm, Ramnagar, Gandhipuran, Coimbatore-641 012.

Saravana Kumar, Director, Research, and Development, Bonfring Publications, 309, 2nd Floor, 5th Street Extension,Gandhipuram, Coimbatore-641 012.

N. Arvinth, Manager, SASA Publications, Chennai.

M. Sureshkumar, Business Executive, SASA Publications, Coimbatore.

V. Janarthanan, Director, Bonfring, Coimbatore.

Karthickraja Ramakrishnan, RK Publications, Vellore.

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